Hey Thrivers…3 Musts to know for Sunday

Sunday is Coming!!!

You know what that means? Yes, I am excited!!!

I know what you’re thinking…”isn’t he always excited?”

And the answer is a GIANT


I am excited because it is yet another opportunity for our church to live out our mission…

To help people find and follow Jesus. 

So, here are 3 Musts for you to know for Sunday

1. New SERIES!! Yes, you read that right?!? We start a new 5 week series called RPM.RPM-Social Square

Relationships     Passion     Marriage

We are going to dive into all the nitty gritty parts of relationships that most people refuse to talk about.

2. One Youth is headed to SpringHill. Yes, we are sending a GREAT group of middle and high students to One Youth LogoSpringHill camp. It’s going to be an amazing weekend and we’re praying for God to wreck their hearts.

But, we need your help. We need scholarship money to help send students who need help.

Can you help? Head here to donate. The cost to send one student is $125. Any amount helps.

3. Superbowl party. What are you doing this Sunday night?

We’re hanging out, eating food and watching the Super Bowl. So, head to this link and come on over!

See you on Sunday!

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