Ok, seriously, I’m being super real.

Yes, I would like you to try Thrive Church because my hope is, it won’t feel like a normal ‘church’ to you. 

Our vision for Thrive is that it will feel and be and seem not very ‘churchy’. Why? Because, we want to create a church where people who have given up on church will want to come back.

That’s why Thrive is very laid back and it’s super casual.

Many churches say they are casual, but we really mean it. Dress how you like. Be comfortable. And really…

Come as you are! 

Thrive is also super chill. You won’t find any ‘high church’ kind of stuff. And, no offense to ‘high church’ kind of stuff. You just won’t find any stand up, stand sit and denominational policies at Thrive.

We’re really about the Bible. We’re all about Jesus. And we are all about helping people find and follow Him.

So, if you’ve been looking for a church that doesn’t feel like a church, come check out Thrive.

There is still time. Our experience meets at 10am at Celebration Cinema, but I recommend you get there at 930am.

Come, hang out. Grab some Bigby’s coffee and get ready!

Can’t wait to meet you!


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