Love Students? Love Church Planting? Love Adventure? Help start a Thrive’s Student Ministry

Do you love Students? 

I mean, really love middle & high school students? Does your heart erupt at the that thought of leading a student ministry.  Do you have a giddy look on your face with the possibility of starting a student ministry? And, at a church that HIGHLY values the next generation?Unknown

Do you love Church Planting? 

Does your heart skip a beat at the thought of helping start, build and grow a new church? Does the thought of being apart something new send shivers down your spine? Does the idea of building and protecting a new culture bring massive excitement to your heart? Do you love the idea of being at a church with a vision for adding future campuses and planting more churches?

Do you love adventure? 

Do you like to take steps of faith? Do friends and family look at you with that ‘look’ every time you start dreaming again? Do you feel note books or evernote with ideas with how you run a student ministry if there wasn’t the typical ‘church rules’? Would you do whatever it takes to be apart of this kind of staff? Don’t mind the adventure of raising support and doing what it takes?

Help Start Thrive Church’s 1st Student Ministry

No, seriously, think about it! It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out in student ministry, been dreaming about starting out or have been giving your life to student ministry for many years. I think there is a tremendous opportunity at Thrive and I would love to talk more about it.

In the mean time…Eblast Header-Light Bulb

1. Check out all things Thrive:


Facebook Page


2. Hit me up on Facebook, twitter, this blog or email. Can’t wait to talk. 

3. Start dreaming. 

What kind of ministry would you start? Where would you begin? What would you do? How would reach the students in Central Michigan?



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