Today I have Back Surgery

So, today at 2:00pm, I have back surgery.

I would love your prayers. Please.

And, if I could be so bold, I would love your…on your knees kind of prayer!

I have been in pain for a long time and have learned to just grin and bear it for years and years. My back pain has just become routine. It has just always been there. I’ve learned to deal with it. Not bending, not putting on socks. When to ice it. What not to do to screw it up even more.

It’s kept me from running. Even taking walks these past 4-5 months. Playing softball. Roller blading. Countless moments with my kids and my wife. It’s held me back from fully present in life and in relationships. My kids are use to saying, ‘Dad, do you want to do this if your back can handle it’?

And, at this point in my young life, I’m pretty tired.

Everything is pain. Standing up, sitting down, bending, stretching, moving, breathing, walking, kneeling.

Tying my shoes is extremely painful. Putting on socks is excruciating.

I move pretty slow now a days. I sit a lot. I lay on my back a lot. Except, this last week, I had 2 days that provided a little reprieve. At one point, I was walking pretty fast through the airport and had to stop myself when I realized how fast I was walking!

My wife has shouldered a huge amount of the household burdens and I feel awful about that.

My kids have only known dad with back pain.

Well, after years of different physical therapists, chiropractors and doctors, I finally made the decision to have surgery.

Honestly, it was a very hard decision to make. Lot’s of obvious reasons. Plus, the extra cost. Plus, the fact that my last surgery in 2008, I got MRSA and wound up in the hospital for a few day and came home with an IV pick line!

So, a lot of prayer, thought and wisdom seeking went into this.

Today is the day.

I would love your prayers.

3 thoughts on “Today I have Back Surgery

  1. Praying that your surgery goes well. I had a triple fusion in my lumbar spine almost two years ago and spent a couple months off before being able to speak and work. Then, it was close to a year before being released and all the way pain free. But as terrible as moments were, the experience ended up being a blessing to me and my family. Praying the same for you!

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