I LOVED yesterday at Thrive…SO MUCH!

Yesterday was our 16th week of Thrive Church!Jason at Thrive

Time is just flying by!

It really seems like yesterday that we were planning, preparing and getting ready to launch.

But, here we are. We are off the ground and moving forward!

Each and every week, I am ridiculously amazed and humbled by what God is doing in our little start up Church!

Here are some reasons why I LOVED yesterday at Thrive.


1. “I left the party early last night”. A new person to Thrive came up to me yesterday and told me typically they party pretty hard on Saturday nights. But, a few weeks ago, they found themselves at Thrive on a Sunday morning. They didn’t know how they ended up at Thrive, but by the end, they were glad they did.

Well, this person decided that he didn’t want to miss so he even told a friend that he was leaving a party early so he wouldn’t sleep in!

How stinking awesome is that?!?

2. “Thank you for my Bible”. On Sunday, I had the great privilege of giving a Bible to someone who had asked for it! It was so MUCH FUN!!!! She put a really nice comment on her connect card and it was just awesome to hand it to her!!

There is nothing better than buying someone a Bible!

3. “I rearranged my work schedule to be here!” My goodness, that’s just awesome!

No joke at all…this person asked their boss if they could not work Sunday mornings any longer! And, they said they would make up the time elsewhere!


4. “How did Thrive get Matt Moore to lead worship?” Yeah, I ask myself that every SINGLE DAY! IMG_4128

Yes, Thrive is crazy blessed that God moved in Matt & Helena’s hearts to be leading at Thrive! And, that Matt’s partner, Josh, is also a part of the music most weeks!

5. “I met Jesus at Thrive”. This was a spectacular moment! A person who has been coming to Thrive for about 2 months, put their faith and trust in Jesus while at Thrive.

They gave me a HUGE hugged and we cried together!

I love my Church! 

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