“Thrive isn’t a ‘Churchy’ kind of Church”…YES!!

This comment made my day! IMG_3985

I heard it last Sunday at Thrive and it made me smile most of the day.

Why? Because our vision as a church is to…

Be a church that unchurched people love to attend. 

And actually, our goal is to be a church where people who have given up on church or God will say (after checking out Thrive)…

“I can’t wait to come back!”

Now, that doesn’t mean at all that we’re not a church for people who have given their lives to Jesus. WE ARE!

We take telling people about Jesus and challenging them on their next steps with Him very seriously!

But, our goal is to not feel like a Church. We don’t want to come across ‘churchy’. Now, I mean no disrespect to my friends at traditional churches. I think there are many different ways that God uses to reach people. We have decided to use a model and philosophy that is very…

Modern and Casual and Fun.

Ok, so if you come check out Thrive, here’s how we’re trying to be non-churchy…

  • We don’t use insider language. You won’t catch us using words that people who haven’t been around Church wouldn’t understand.
  • We don’t use any insider traditions. Every week is pretty different at Thrive and you really never know what to expect.
  • We don’t hold back on fun. Yeah, you will probably see pictures of Ron Burgandy at Thrive.

On top of that…

We don’t hold back on Jesus.

Each and every week at Thrive…

We talk about Jesus.

We point people to Jesus.

We give people an opportunity to respond to Jesus.


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