She sat with me

On February 22, 2000 my life changed. Young Bekah

Rebekah Sue Raitz was born.

My life changed. 

I was given the extreme honor of being a dad to this tiny baby girl.

Her 14th birthday is coming up and I am still crazy in love with her.

Actually, I am one big sap. I am constantly blown away at what an amazing young woman she is becoming.

I have no idea why God gave me the privilege of being her dad, but it is an honor I try to never take for granted. 9852925-R3-029-13

She’s just amazing. I know I’m her dad and I’m suppose to feel that way, but gosh, she just is.

This morning, I have been working on a message and she came and just sat down in a chair in my office. We may have only talked for 10 minutes total, but she’s just been sitting with me for awhile now. She’s doing her thing. I’m doing mine.

My prayer for her is the same that it was when she was born.

I still pray daily for God to use her in a massive way for His Kingdom. I beg Him to use her to bring people to know His son.

I ask for His favor on her and that she would represent Jesus to the people around her.

I also God to protect her. To guide her decision making. To bring Jesus centered friends into her life. bekahgorgeous

And, I pray for her future husband. I pray that He would be a Godly man.

I pray for her kids.

And, I thank God everyday for the privilege of being her dad. 


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