What I loved about last Sunday at Thrive

It’s Tuesday and I’m still smiling about Thrive this last Sunday. Thrive is way more than our Sunday experience, but also, Sunday’s are a big deal for Thrive. 

We put a lot of energy and effort into making the Thrive experience on Sunday mornings the best it can be. 

Why? Because we have a HUGE responsibility of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and one of the primary ways we do it is on Sunday’s. Every single Sunday at Thrive we share Jesus. My biggest goal is that people will walk out of Thrive and if they’re asked what they just learned…they will say Jesus. 

So, we put a lot of effort and energy in making sure we are stewarding the responsibility to share Jesus the best we can. 

That being said, here’s what I loved about Sunday…

1. The Energy. It is so much fun being a part of this church. There is just a great energy right now and people want be there. I have been a part of churches in the past where the energy was lacking and had been for years. And, truth be told, people didn’t want to be there. They came out of obligation and couldn’t wait to leave. 

That’s not the case with this season of Thrive. It may be someday, but it’s not right now. And, I hope to and will do everything I can to protect the culture so that energy doesn’t leave or visit somewhere else. 

2. The Servant Hearts. OH MY GOODNESS…this is off the charts! Our leaders come to serve. They come to give! They pour their lives into what we’re doing because they understand we’re all a link in the chain in bringing someone to Jesus. 

Thrive’s mission is to help people find and follow Jesus.

That’s it. Simple. No 3 line mission statement or a paragraph. We are passionate about being a church that unchurched people will love. That’s why we do what we do.

3. “I want to be baptized”. Goodness, hearing that doesn’t get old! We are doing our first indoor baptism on Sunday, Jan 19th and people are signing up and I couldn’t be more excited! 

If you would like be baptized, please email (jason.raitz@thrivechurchmi.cc) and let’s talk!!! 

4. “I had a dream about Thrive”. Yeah, that’s just awesome! One of our Thrivers came up to me and said they had a dream about Thrive and it was an awesome DREAM! 

That’s just exciting! I so love the fact that Thrivers are dreaming of how God is going to use this little church!

5. “It’s already a GREAT series”! That was beyond humbling to hear! Someone after week one of our ‘Selfie: Picture a New You’ series said that the series is already great. 

We’re diving into the idea that it’s time to invest energy into becoming the person God’s called us to be! We kicked off by looking at the story of Esther and I challenged Thrive to courageously pursue the mission God has given them! 

I absolutely can’t wait for what’s ahead!!!

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