Hey Thrivers…3 Musts to know for Sunday

Sunday is Coming!!! You know what that means? Yes, I am excited!!! I know what you're thinking..."isn't he always excited?" And the answer is a GIANT YES! I am excited because it is yet another opportunity for our church to live out our mission... To help people find and follow Jesus.  So, here are 3... Continue Reading →


A Crazy Different Perspective for me today at Thrive

I'm heading out the door in a few minutes to head to Thrive Church. Honestly, this is really weird. Why? Because I typically leave at 630am! Actually our whole family typically leaves at 630am! But, Tracie, my wife, has put me on the 'injured reserved' and has made me promise to just attend. No lifting.... Continue Reading →

Love Students? Love Church Planting? Love Adventure? Help start a Thrive’s Student Ministry

Do you love Students?  I mean, really love middle & high school students? Does your heart erupt at the that thought of leading a student ministry.  Do you have a giddy look on your face with the possibility of starting a student ministry? And, at a church that HIGHLY values the next generation? Do you... Continue Reading →

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