Ok, I think you get the hint from me, especially if you read my blog, that I think you should be a part of Thrive Church!

I think because…A-Christmas-At-Thrive-Santa

  • I love this church
  • It’s the kind of church I’ve always dreamed about being a part
  • We make welcoming and accepting everyone the priority…no matter your background
  • We’re super casual
  • Thrive is Modern…all that means is that there is…


  • We’re not a ‘churchy’ kind of church
  • We’re fun and we laugh
  • We don’t take ourselves too seriously
  • We’re centered on Jesus…He’s all that matters
  • You will pushed to take your next step towards Jesus

We exist to help people find and follow Jesus

So, today is a GREAT day to check out Thrive Church! I know it’s snowing, don’t let that get in the way. Just get up, get the kids ready (if you have them) and head to Celebration Cinema (4395 E. Pickard).

Today, you will experience…

  • A Hot Cocoa Bar…with a ton of amazing toppings!
  • A Christmas Cookie Decorating Station
  • Tons of people that can’t wait to greet you, smile, learn your name and tell you all about Thrive
  • Super fun songs by Matt Moore
  • A look at the real meaning of Christmas with the help of the best Christmas movies of all time
  • A message that you will be able to understand



I can’t wait for that part!!!!

Ok, see you in a few hours!!

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