It’s a beautiful day for Church!!! Can’t wait to see you!Balanced-WS

I woke up this morning just overwhelmed with the privilege we have to be a part of Thrive Church and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do this morning.

I just have a feeling that today is going to be one of the amazing days!!!

  • Families get to decorate Christmas ornaments together…
  • We have donuts from Robaires…
  • A guest worship leader, Jennie Wellsand
  • A message titled…”What interrupts Heaven?”…
  • Amazing lesson and crafts planned in Thrive Kidz…
  • Our first ever Christmas Offering…
  • Communion…

Yeah, I can’t wait! It’s not to late to pray for Thrive this morning. Pray for people who’ve decided to not come. Pray for families that are hurting and that they will find peace. Pray for people to trust in Jesus. Pray for our Christmas Offering. Pray for the worship. Pray for our teams. And please pray for people to find and follow Jesus.

I can’t wait to see you!

Get there early!! Meet new people. Say hi. Sit by someone new. Sit up front. Sing loud. Clap and cheer. And dive into the Thrive Community.

See you soon!


PS…WE could use your help with set up this morning or tear down afterwards!! Thanks

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