Thrive Church…3 musts for this Sunday

It’s Thursday and Sunday’s coming! I couldn’t be more excited! Balanced-WS

I just can’t wait for Sunday’s! I love everything about them!

Except that they go by way to quick!

Someone recently said to me…”You’re almost too excited about Thrive Church”. I was puzzled and I asked what they meant. They said, it’s impossible to be that excited, all the time!

I simply replied…NOPE!

Not when you get to see the culmination of a 15 year dream come into existence. Not when you get to see lives changed. Not when you get to gather together with people that you just love. Not when God is doing something in your midst.

I am simply that EXCITED about what is happening at Thrive Church!

That being said, here’s what you need to know for this Sunday…

1. Get on your knees

Seek God. Pray James 4:2

” You do not have, because you do not ask God”

Thrive Church…let’s ask God for…Unity, Compassion, Love, Mercy, His Grace and His Blessing on our little Church.

Let’s ask God to move in peoples hearts. Let’s ask God to wreck lives. Let’s ask God to heal marriages. Let’s ask God to restore friendships. Let’s ask God to provide financially. Let’s ask God to bring people to HIM!!!

2. Wear an Ugly Sweater

That’s right, it’s Thrive’s 1st Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Sunday! Do your best! Do your worst! Get a picture in the photo booth. And, if you seater rocks like crazy, you will get a prize!


3. Bring Someone

That’s right, all this isn’t all that special if we keep it to ourselves.

So, pray about who to invite, invite them, bring them and then sit by them.

Introduce them to people, show them around and pray the entire time for God to move in their hearts!

One last thing, know you’re loved and prayed for!

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