A humbling partnership with my mentor

I love the local Church!

I have been a part of Church the since before I can remember. My parents were saved when I was young and they went head over heals with their new relationship with Jesus and the Church.

During my middle school years, my dad was my youth pastor and my mom was the church secretary. I was always at the church. I saw the good, the bad, the ugly and the incredible.

When I had just turned 20, a church hired me to be their youth pastor and I’ve served at local churches since.

Around that same time, I met a leader and speaker who I immediately started to emulate. He came into my Bible College and lead some workshops and classes on speaking. Those ignited something within me big time! I met with him quite often and he would pour into me and I would fill legal pads with notes.

His name is Terry Prisk. About 10 years ago, Terry started a church called The River Community Church and I had the privilege of being part of the team that started the church.

About a year ago, Terry and I were at lunch and he asked me what I thought about planting a Church. I told him I had been wrestling with God about it and he affirmed in me that I should pursue. He put me in touch with a great organization called Stadia and after 6 months, I was recommended to plant a church.

This past October, I had the privilege and honor to plant Thrive Church and I love, LOVE, being Thrive’s pastor.

Well, this weekend, Terry and I are doing something incredible fun and I think it is a HUGE kingdom win!

Terry is preaching at Thrive Church and I am preaching at the River.

How awesome is that? It was totally Terry’s idea and I loved it from the beginning. I just can’t wait for Thrive Church to be encouraged by Terry and I know God will use him in a powerful way at Thrive.

And, I can’t wait to preach at the River again! I have been there as a guest speaker a few times and this time, I get to spend a few minutes thanking the congregation for all of their support and generosity in helping start Thrive Church.

What a great weekend ahead!

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