Thrive Church…3 Musts for this Sunday at Thrive!

It’s that time of the week again…Sunday is almost here. ILMC_Thumb_MI-2

My goodness, I can’t wait for Sunday and I hope you’re looking forward to gathering together on Sunday as well!

Why am I excited for Sunday?

Because it’s the day we have the privilege of being together. Of coming together as a church.

Now, it’s not the only day that happens. During the week, many Thrivers get together in their growth groups and deepen their relationships with each other and with God. And, during the week, we live out the message of Christ to everyone around them.

But, Sunday is amazing because we all get to be together…and that’s awesome. With that being said, here are…

3 Musts to know for Sunday at Thrive

1. Be Ready. Sometime before Sunday, get alone, get with Jesus and just be with Him. Ready your heart. Spend some time talking with Him and just be.

2. Be Praying for Thrive. Yes, we all need to pray for Sunday’s at Thrive. Pray that God would send people who are far from Him and people who are longing to deepen their walk with Him. Pray that our church would be welcoming. Pray that our Church would grow. Pray that our church would be radical givers.

3. Be there. Yes, another no duh…but if there was a Sunday to change your plans, this is it! I guarantee you will not want to miss! Why? Because every Sunday at Thrive is awesome! And, we have a very special guest speaker this week. His name is Terry Prisk and he is the Pastor of The River Community Church in Hartland, MI.

Terry is an extremely well known speaker and has traveled the world for more than 30 years speaking. And, he’s the pastor of one of Thrive’s network churches. Honestly, without him, Thrive would not have been able to launch the way we have.

So, get to Thrive. Change your plans. Pray for him. Thank him. Introduce yourself. Be ready to be encouraged and challenged.

Can’t wait!

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