Here’s an idea…Move to Mt Pleasant and help build Thrive Church!

What a great idea!no perfect people

I mean, think about it. Why don’t you at least pray about it? What would that hurt?

I know this is a ridiculous idea for some. I know this idea won’t work for many.

There are way too many questions for some…

…What would I do for work?

…Could I sell my house? 

…How would I help build Thrive Church? 

…Where would my kids go to school?

…What’s in the future for Thrive Church? 

But, for some. For a few.

This idea could be exactly what God has been laying on your heart.

You’ve felt a tug. You’ve felt a pull. You’ve been praying for a change.

This is your opportunity.

This is your moment.

This is your time.Not_Your_Mommas_Church2

To take…

  • A step of faith
  • A step of obedience
  • A step of prayer

So, let’s talk. Let’s email ( Let’s text. Let’s send a message on Facebook.

Let’s send a carrier pigeon. Let’s communicate by smoke signals.

What are we looking for?

  • People who are crazy passionate about following Jesus.
  • People who believe that the local church is the hope of the world.
  • People who really believe that prayer works and God answers prayers.
  • People who long to see God move powerfully in the lives of His children.
  • People who want to live out their faith.
  • People who have a heart to reach those far from Christ.
  • People who have a heart to deepen their own walk.

In the meantime, check out Thrive’s website and Thrive’s Facebook page.


Talk to God.

Who knows, stranger things have happened!


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