My first Sunday away from Thrive

It’s 7:47am on Sunday, November 17th, 2013.

I am sitting on a bed in an apartment at SpringHill Camp typing this blog post.

I have been up for quite awhile.

Reading, praying, thinking and getting ready for the day. 

I have 2 primary things on my heart this morning. 

1. My last and final talk to give at SpringHill. I can’t wait!

2. Thrive Church.

Today is something new for me. It’s week #7 of Thrive Church and I won’t be there this morning. It’s just crazy as I think about it, but on the other hand, it’s not that crazy. We have an amazing team and Thrive will be absolutely great this morning.

But honestly, its really hard not being there.


I love Thrive Church. I have loved Thrive Church ever since it was some ideas in my journal 15 years ago. I have loved Thrive Church since it was 8 of us around  table. I have loved Thrive Church since it was a handful of us in the Shepherd Bar. I just love Thrive Church.

But, I also love the amazing opportunity, blessing and honor I have this morning…speaking to students. I still pinch myself that a guy like me gets these moments to be tapped on the shoulder and asked to share Jesus with hundreds of students. It’s just mind blowing! I am so humbled by it.

Why I think its good I’m not at Thrive…

1. I think it will build a culture that Thrive is not based on the pastor. It can’t ever be about the pastor or just one person. It’s about a crystal clear and crazy focused mission of helping people find and follow God.

2. It gives our leaders a chance to lead. I know this morning will give our leaders a chance to step outside of their normal roles and make decisions without me. That’s a good thing.

3. It should help other people step up. I really believe, if you are creating a culture of replication and discipleship, then people will being to step up…naturally. I think the leaders will still have to ask and push and then ask some people to step up from time to time. But, I also think that when you create a culture where its natural to lead, its natural to step up…then, when there is a hole, people will step up.

4. It gives Thrive a chance to hear from another voice. This morning, one of Thrive’s management team members is the guest speaker. That’s just awesome! It’s awesome because Thrive will hear from an amazing person who will teach from God’s word! I can’t wait for them to experience it!

So, this morning, I have two very prevalent and important things on my heart. 

Teaching and encouraging students to follow Jesus and live for Him.

Praying and asking God to use Thrive Church to wreck the hearts of the people coming this morning.



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