What I loved about Thrive this past Sunday

Yesterday was our 6th week of ThriveIMG_3405


I know I’m the Pastor and I’m expected to say things like that, but its true.

It was just a great Sunday…plain and simple.

Ok, so maybe you’re wondering what made it great…

1. Just being at Thrive. This is what my 11 year old said. I asked Bobby earlier what he thought of Thrive on Sunday and he said…“Dad, I just love being there!” Ok, this dad is smiling.

But, he’s right! I hate how quick the time flies by on Sunday’s! That’s why I just so enjoy being at Thrive!

2. Fun. I asked my 13 year old what she thought and she said…“Dad it was super fun!” Now, for the record, Bekah (my 13 year old) has never sat through a Thrive experience. Why? Because every week she volunteers in Thrive Kidz every Sunday! Yup, this Dad is proud!

But, she’s right! It was fun. We laughed, especially to a couple of very funny video clips that tied into the message very nicely.

3. The music rocked! This week we didn’t have a full band, but Matt went acoustic and Josh backed him up on some percussion instruments. For me, there were two major amazing moments.

The first…Matt & Josh opened with a classic…”let her cry” by Hootie and the Blowfish!! The second…Matt, Helena and Josh sang “beautiful” by Shawn McDonald! So powerful!!

4. More Thrivers are stepping up! That means more people are getting off the bench and stepping up to be on a volunteer team!

That is AWESOME!I'm In

I love when people step up and invest their time, talents and resources to invest into the local church! That gets me excited!

5. We talked about hurt. Here’s the thing, I love talking about pain. I know, weird, right? Well, I don’t think so. We all go through it. We all experience it and we need to know how we can be transformed from it and grow from it. And, that’s what we did on Sunday.

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