7 Ways to be ‘All In’ with Thrive Church

You’ve been attending Thrive ChurchEblast Header-Light Bulb

You stalk us on Facebook.

You’ve been invited by a friend and you told them you would think about it.

You saw the add in CM Life and it intrigued you.

Ok, here are some awesome steps to take the leap from thinking about attending-kind of attending-want to attending-kind of being a part to jumping in.

7 Ways to be ‘All In’ with Thrive Church

1. Be at Thrive every week. Yes, I know…I did say ‘every week!’ Why? Because that’s how you will get to know Thrive as a church the absolute best you can! When you start to show up every week, you dive into our culture. You meet new people. You learn more about God. You have another chance to worship and give.

2. Get connected online. Here’s the thing about Thrive…we love social media. We love email…we love texts. Now, we love seeing you face to face even more! But, we’re not running away from technology at Thrive…we are running straight to it! It’s a tremendous tool and the more you’re connected online, the more you will know!

  • Get connected on the HUB. This is Thrive’s online database.
  • ‘Like’ Thrive Church MI’ on Facebook
  • Follow ‘Thrive Church MI’ on Twitter
  • Follow ‘Thrive Church MI’ on Instagram
  • Friend our pastor, Jason Raitz on Facebook
  • Follow our pastor, Jason Raitz on Twitter
  • Sign up for updates from our pastors blog
  • Sign up for Thrive’s eNews and make sure it doesn’t go to your spam folder
  • Sign up for Jason’s prayer eNewsletter
  • Get into Thrive’s Facebook Group (email me…jason.raitz@thrivechurchmi.cc)
  • Get into Jason’s prayer partner Facebook Group

3. Join a Team! This is the BEST way to be ‘All In!’ Head to this link and get plugged in! We need you! Once or twice a month would be awesome!

4. Pray everyday for Thrive Church. Yes, it’s that simple. And yes, everyday! I know that may sound either too crazy easy or too crazy, but we would cherish your prayers.

Pray for God’s favor and blessing on Thrive Church. Pray that people would find and follow Jesus at Thrive Church. Pray that God would continue giving us favor with the movie theater we rent. Pray that God would give us favor on campus at CMU with students and faculty. Pray that God would send hurting people who need to hear his amazing plan for healing.

5. Invite and Bring Someone to Thrive. Again, easy to say, tough to actually do. But, every week, ask God to put someone on your heart and then take the step to invite them. Use our invite cards, a door hanger or send them to our Facebook page.

6. Give to Thrive. The reality is, it takes finances and resources to run Thrive Church. Without your incredibly generous and sacrificial financial gifts, we wouldn’t be able to charge towards our vision for Thrive. Giving is an incredible opportunity we have from God and He asks us to give because He has something for us.

Head here to give online. 

7. Be in a Growth Group. The foundation of Thrive Church are our groups. The reality is, you can’t be ‘All In’ if you just sit in a row every week. The Bible shows us that it’s about being in a community with people that will help you be connected to others and connected to God.

I know we all have NO time or another night of the week to give. But, I guarantee, if you jump into a group and really give it your all. God has something amazing for you!

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