Stop trying to earn God’s love

You try and try and try.

You hope to impress.

You work harder.

You clean up your act.

You stop hanging out with people your mom says are bad.

You church up your language.

You stop watching movies that would make your grandma blush.

You listen to music that you think honors God.

And yet…so much of what we do…we sometimes do to earn God’s love.

But, the reality is…

We don’t have to try so hard.

We don’t have to be somebody we’re not.

We don’t have to make it about a list.

We don’t have too…

God’s is love and His love for us is based on who we are, not on what we do. 

So…there is good news. 

He loves you.

He adores you.

He chases after you.

He can’t wait to be with you.

So…stop trying to earn His love and just be loved.


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