Thrive Church…3 Things you have to know for Sunday

Thrive Church…

Sunday is almost here!

I don’t know about you, but my goodness…I am excited! I am so excited because it’s another opportunity for Thrive Church to live out it’s mission:

To help people find and follow Jesus! Thive Iphone

It’s been a different week for me! Typically, my weeks fly by so fast and are filled with tons of meetings, calls, appointments, projects and tasks.

This week has been a bit different. I have been laid up on my back for much of this week! Something happened on Tuesday that I’ve never experienced in 15 years of back pain and I found myself unable to get off the floor. I couldn’t use my left leg and it really scared me.

Tracie took me to the ER and they gave me two giant shots that eased the pain pretty much right away! Since then, I’ve been laid up at home. I had to cancel a ton of meetings and I haven’t been able to take much ground on the many projects and tasks I’ve been working on!

It’s been weird.

I have learned a ton from it and I have thanked God a ton!

But, all that being said…I can’t wait to Sunday!!!

3 Things you have to know

1. We start a new series called Playlist! It’s going to be awesome and we’re going to look at some love songs, some songs that make us cry and some songs that get us passionate and see what God has for us in these songs! Hope you don’t miss this series!

2. Come ready to make a difference! Yes, that’s right, each of us has the potential to be used by God this Sunday! And, even before then. Right now, start praying about someone to invite to Thrive Church. Ask God to give you the strength and courage to reach out to them and bring them.

Then, when you’re at Thrive…

Smile, Welcome, Shake Hands, Learn Names, Look for people who have questions, Sit by someone new, Sit up front, Cheer and Clap, Pray for someone. 

3. Step Up. We need you. If you haven’t signed up yet to serve or to help on a team, we need you!




So, don’t wait any longer. Thrive Kidz needs you and so does our Set UP and Tear Down teams!

I can’t wait for Sunday!

See you then!

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