Thrive Church…3 Musts for Sunday

I can't even believe that Thanksgiving is over! How did that happen? I hope you had an absolutely fantastic Thanksgiving with your families and you feel rested and ready for the month ahead! It's amazing to me that on Sunday, we start a new series at Thrive and its the start of the month of... Continue Reading →


A humbling partnership with my mentor

I love the local Church! I have been a part of Church the since before I can remember. My parents were saved when I was young and they went head over heals with their new relationship with Jesus and the Church. During my middle school years, my dad was my youth pastor and my mom... Continue Reading →

A great weekend at SpringHill Camp

This weekend, our brand new church plant Thrive Church brought students to SpringHill Camp for their 4th-6th grade juniors retreat! Why? Because students matter! Because retreats matter!  At Thrive, we are ridiculously passionate about pouring incredible resources and energy into our kids and students and that will never change. The really incredible thing is, we... Continue Reading →

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