Saturday Night Prayers for Thrive

It’s late.

I was up early.

And, when I say early, I was up early.

Like 4am early.

I was out the door at 6am.

I had the honor of spending my day with a bunch of amazing youth workers and for some reason (ones I can’t figure out), I was given the task of encouraging them.

It was a great day

I then drove to the airport, picked up my friend and partner, Tom Elmore and now I’m home.

But, it’s Saturday night and my mind is swirling and thinking about tomorrow.


Because its Sunday! Because I have the honor of leading a tremendous and courageous group of church planters. And, we get to gather together as a community.

My Saturday Night Prayers for Thrive

So, I’m excited! I’m hopeful. I’m expectant. I desperately want God to move powerfully in our midst.

I am asking…begging…God to heal marriages, bless finances, draw hearts close to Him, give people a passion for His word, heal relationships between parents and kids and as I pray every Saturday night…

…move in someone’s heart to take their next steps with God.

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