What to expect if you come to Thrive…

Every week I get emails from people asking about Thrive ChurchEblast Header-Converse
They ask:
  • What’s it like?
  • Are you a part of a denomination?
  • What if I’ve never been to church before, can I still come?
  • What kind of music?
  • Is there stuff for my kids?

So, I thought I would answer a bunch of those questions in ONE post. Here we go…

The Short Story

We are Thrive Church. We meet in a movie theater. We’re super casual. We’re crazy fun. We’re all about Jesus. We meet at 10am at Celebration Cinema!
Our Mission

To Help people find and follow Jesus.thrive-Computer-Wallpaper (1920x1080)

We’re Simple. Fun. Real.

Some F.A.Q’s…

1. What makes us different? 

Answer» We aren’t trying to be different – we’re just being ourselves. We strive for laughter, creativity, honest relationships and practical messages of hope. We believe that living outside the box is more fun than living in it.

2. How long is the experience? 

Answer» Our experience is 55-60 minutes long. We keep it short so you want to keep coming back. We want you to leave wanting more – not wishing it was less.

3. Why do you meet in a movie theater?

Answer»Because the movie theater wanted us and its a great location for a church. Some Sundays it smells of popcorn and we have GREAT seats…with cup holders. There’s super fun activities and programs for the kids as well.

4. What if I come from a different church background?

Answer» That’s great! We are glad you’re here. We welcome anyone from any religious background. Come as you are!

5. What happens when I drop my kids off at ThriveKIDZ?Thrive Kidz Slide

Answer» THRIVEkidz is an exciting place where your kids can discover how to find and follow God in a fun, exciting environment.

6. What denomination is THRIVE?

Answer» THRIVE is a non-denominational church. What does that mean? It just means that we do not align ourselves with any one denomination. We base our beliefs and theology simply and entirely on the Bible.

7. OK, so I’m thinking about visiting THRIVE. What should I expect?

Answer» We believe church should be something that you look forward to every Sunday. So here’s what you’ll experience at THRIVE:

Great live music (yes, sometimes it’s a bit loud)
Friendly people
Fun & Laughter
Exciting kids programs
Messages that make a difference in our lives
Casual atmosphere (If you want to wear a suit, great, but the Pastor will be in jeans.)

Ok, hopefully that will give you an idea of what to expect.

See you this Sunday at Thrive Church! 

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