Hey Thrive Church…3 things you have to know for Sunday

First of all…Eblast Header-Light Bulb

Thrive Church You’re Amazing! 

No, really! Each one of you are absolutely AMAZING!!

The way you give, serve, help, sacrifice, invite, and pray are just awesome! 

I’m proud of you and honored to be a part of Thrive Church with you all!

Second of all…

Sunday is just a few days away!

That being said…

Here are 3 Things You Have to Know for Sunday

1. It matters that you’re at Thrive. Life is busy, right? And, sometimes we get into the pattern of only being a part of Church 3x a month and then 2x and then 1x.  I get that.

But…we can’t let that pattern slip into our culture at Thrive! I’m asking you to make it a HUGE priority to be at Thrive on Sundays and to be at your Growth Group during the week.

Why? Because to Local Church is the HOPE of the World!

That’s why we don’t do a lot of extra stuff at Thrive! So you can focus on those two things.

So, be here Sunday. Get to Thrive early! Yes, early! If you want to get crazy, show up with the Road Crew at 7am and help us set up Thrive Church!

2. Get in a Growth Group. Again, I know you’re busy. And, I’m not trying to take away from that. But, we’re all busy. And, sometimes, the God stuff falls down the priority list. Attending church, being in a growth group, giving financially, praying, reading God’s word.

Don’t let it!

So, get in a growth group. The fall season just started! Email Brian.Kreider@thrivechurchmi.cc to get more information.

Why? GREAT question!! Because that’s how God showed us to do life!! With people!! In a Community! In a circle.

Just take a peak at the New Testament Church in Acts 2 and you’ll see a lot of it!

3. You have a MAJOR JOB to do on Sundays. We all do. And, it’s just not showing up. WE all have to Create a Culture of Welcoming and accepting. IMG_2718

My dream for Thrive is that it will literally be the most welcoming and accepting place that anyone ever walks into during their week!

That takes everybody…

  • Smiling
  • Saying Good Morning
  • Introducing ourselves to each other
  • Shaking hands
  • Sitting by people we don’t know
  • Serving others while we’re at Thrive and outside of Thrive
  • Saying…’thanks for coming’, ‘do you have any questions’, ‘will I see you next week’

Ok, that’s our job on Sundays. I know you’re up to it! Let’s do it.

Don’t forget, we’re doing all this so people can Find and Follow God!!!!!

Know you’re loved and I pray for you everyday!


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