Thrive Highlights from week # 3

It’s late. It’s Sunday night. It’s been an amazing day.


I’m kind of shocked I’m up. It could be because I took a 3 hour nap earlier! No, really, I did! I was whooped!

But, I’ve sitting on the couch for a few hours and I’ve been going over the day in my head.

My heart is full. I am so thankful. I am so humbled.

And, I’ve been chatting online with a bunch of Thrivers and it’s been so much fun to hear so many of their stories and thoughts about Thrive!

That being said…here are some of my personal highlights from today.

1. ‘My daughter hasn’t been in church for 18 years and she loved being at Thrive today’. Wow, that’s humbling!! So blessed she felt welcomed and wanted at Thrive.

2. ‘Thank you so much for my Bible’. By far, the best part of my day was giving a brand new Bible to a friend who needed one!

3. ‘Were you a part of Rustproof’? Why YES I was! A former student from my time at NorthRidge Church as the jr high pastor is not a student at CMU and he checked out Thrive today. So awesome to reconnect!

4. ‘Can we do that at Thrive’? Because we’re a brand new church, we had Josh & Emily (2 amazing seniors at Mt Pleasant High School) lead us in a little culture building time. They asked a series of questions of what people can and can’t do at Thrive. It was great!

5. ‘My girls love coming to Church’! My wife got a text tonight from one of our Thrivers letting her know that her girls love coming and being  a part of Thrive Church! SO AWESOME!!!!

6. ‘I wish we did more worship’! I love hearing this! And, maybe we’ll do more in the future, but one of the things we’re crazy passionate about it creating a climate and culture where people far from God will find irrestible. And, part of that is slowly introducing things like worship.

7. ‘My son doesn’t fall asleep during the message’! I guess I’m doing something right or he’s playing on his iphone! Hah! But, really. I’m honored that this high school boy is engaged with the message. How cool is that?!?

8. ‘Would you please pray for my marriage…it’s falling a part’! Ok, let me explain why this made it on my highlight list. It’s not because they’re marriage is falling a part, but because she approached me and asked for prayer. What an honor to pray with her and to seek God on her behalf for their marriage.

9. ‘Should Church be this fun’? I read that on someone’s facebook page tonight. Love it! And, yes, I do think Church should be fun!

10. ‘Choose love in every situation, every time’. This was the big idea from my talk today and it’s the key to having incredible fun in our relationships and marriages. When we pour ridiculous amounts of energy into the people we love, love wins!


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