Rain + Outdoor Tailgate = Great Opportunity to Pray

Today is Thrive’s 1st Annual Tailgate PartyTailgate_Party_FBBanner_MI-01

Yeah, I’m excited!

Woo Hoo!

We’ve advertised, we’ve planned, we’ve bought food, we’ve invited friends, we’ve prayed.

The Tailgate party is after Church and everything is being set up outside of the movie theater we use for Thrive Church.

The Hitch…

I woke up this morning to rain. Yeah, kind of a bummer.

But, with every bummer, there is always a great opportunity

Here’s the opportunity.

We’ll get to see God work in the midst of our plans changing. 

He has a plan that is greater than our plans and I know that He has a GREAT plan for today.

But, we’re praying for Sunshine and we’re praying the rain dries up.

And, most importantly, we’re praying that God moves powerfully in the hearts of those far from Him and those close to Him.


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