Do you have a heart for those far from God?

I ask myself this question all the time!

No, really. I ask it a lot!

Do I have a heart for those far from God?

Probably 2-3 times a day, everyday.

Honestly, I stopped asking that question awhile ago. I have served at churches for almost 20 years! First of all, how did that happen…20 years? Second of all, I just sort of fell into a grove of not needing to think about people far from God.

Isn’t that embarrassing? 

I have known Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior practically my whole life and yet, I fell into a routine for a bunch of years where I didn’t really think about sharing my faith all that often.

Now, I preached on Sunday’s. I told kids in youth groups, and parents and adults at my church about Jesus. But, I wasn’t building relationships with people far from God. I wasn’t sharing my story. I wasn’t praying for my friends who were far from God.

Maybe I did. But, I wasn’t passionate about it.

That all changed about 2 year ago. 

I don’t know what happened, but something clicked inside my soul. All of a sudden my eyes were opened to all of the people around me all the time.

I started to pray.

Yes, I started to pray for strangers.

Yes, I prayed for people I don’t know. People who I didn’t even know their names.

I just prayed.

Now, at least once of twice a week, I put on in iphones and I just walk around Meijer, or campus, or a neighborhood, or downtown, or Walmart and I just pray.

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