Thrive Church…3 Things I Need You to Know for Sunday

I can’t wait for Sunday!

Truth is…I couldn’t wait for Sunday the second our experience ended last Sunday! That’s just how I’m wired.

This Sunday is a BIG day for Thrive.

I know I say that each Sunday, but there is so much on the line.

Think about it…

Each week, we have people attend Thrive who don’t know Jesus as their savior. That means they’re living a part from the hope that God offers.

Yes, there is a lot on the LINE!!!

3 Things to know for this Sunday…

1. Be on your knees. Yes, that means to pray! And, pray in a way that humbly asks God to move powerfully in our midst. Ask God to give us courage to invite and bring friends. Ask God to bless the conversations at Thrive. Ask God to give us incredible favor with everyone checking out Thrive. Ask God to stir peoples heart. Ask God to draw people close to Him!

2. Be inviting. Just imagine if we each brought just 1 person to Thrive this Sunday. WOW!! That would mean double the amount of people would hear about God’s plan for their lives and be introduced to Jesus. That means couples who are struggling in their marriage could hear about ways to help their marriage. So, pray about who to ask and make the ask. Be courageous!!

3. Be ready to be used by God. Yes you! Ask God to use you this Sunday. To use your conversations, your invitations, your facebook posts, your smiles, your prayers, your serving and your financial gifts.

It’s going to be a GREAT Sunday at Thrive!

Make sure you post about the Tailgate party on your facebook page and get the word out!!

And, make sure you bring some food to pass! Just drop it off at the food tent on your way in to Thrive!

See you Sunday!

Know you’re loved and prayed for!

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