Thrive Highlights from Week # 2

It’s Monday! It’s crazy to me how fast the weeks have flown by this year!

But, what I love about Monday’s is that I get to look back a day earlier and thank God for what He did on Sunday!

Because, I love Sunday’s! 

And, yesterday, we had our 2nd official week of Thrive Church and it was a GREAT day.

I’m not just saying that either. I know I’m a very positive person and I’m excited a lot, but wow, I loved Sunday!

Here are some Thrive Highlights…

1. Seeing new faces. It is so cool and such an honor that God keeps sending some new faces every week to Thrive!

2. Having conversations with those new faces. AHAHAAH! I love hearing peoples stories and it was awesome to get to talk to some of the people that have been coming to Thrive that I haven’t met yet!

3. Praying for couples. We’re in a series on marriage and yesterday we talked about how to fight fair. After the church, it was an honor to pray for some couples who asked for prayer!

4. Introducing people to Jesus. Never, NEVER, gets old. Every Sunday at Thrive, I will always lay out the gospel and give people a chance to respond. What a joy!

5. Worshipping with Attaboy! Yikes, what an amazing privilege! So blessed by those guys and I can’t wait to have them back on October 27th!

6. Hearing people say…

I love my church. 

I’ve been looking for a church and I’ve found it.

7. Seeing and being a part of an amazing leadership team! Our team is amazing! They serve! They give and then they serve and give some more!

8. “It’s not about the nail”! We showed this hilarious video clip and I laughed and we laughed and we all laughed some more!

9. Watching peoples reactions when they come into the theater. Our tables are still set up in the lobby when people are coming into church and it’s awesome to watch and to gauge their reactions. It’s fun to see them processing what we’re about!


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