I love Sunday Morning!

Sunday mornings are crazy exciting for me!Eblast Header-Sun Burst

I can’t wait to experience Thrive Church MI!

It’s all a blast…

  • getting up to early to pray
  • going over my message
  • driving to the theater in the dark
  • greeting our Road Crew and early morning teams
  • unloading
  • setting up
  • watching our banners go up in the theater
  • having conversations
  • hearing the band do sound check
  • seeing the theater become Thrive Church
  • praying with the team
  • talking with people coming in
  • hanging out with Thrive Kidz
  • teaching
  • watching videos on the movie screen
  • being a part of what God is doing
  • praying with people afterwards
  • meeting new people
  • hearing ‘I’ll be back’
  • hearing ‘would you pray for me’
  • listening to people talk to me about their relationship with Jesus
  • seeing how much my family loves our church
  • tearing down
  • talking with the theater staff
  • loading up
  • driving home
  • checking facebook

I love Sunday mornings!

What a privilege I have to be Thrive’s Pastor!

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