Thrive Church…3 Things you MUST know about Sunday!

Thrive Church…we did it!Eblast Header-Light Bulb

We launched! Woo HOO!

Many of you have given tons of time, finances, prayer and support to get this Church off the ground.

I can’t thank you enough.

But, we’re not done! We’ve just started! There are literally thousands of people in our area who don’t know Jesus and the CHURCH is God’s plan A to reach them.

So, let’s get going! Cancel plans if you have too. Wear out your pants from being on your knees. Make new relationships and invite those people to Church. Let’s do whatever it takes to reach people for Jesus.

That being said…

Here are a few things you MUST know about Sunday:

1. Be at Thrive. Yes, its a no brainer, but be there. Be there this Sunday and every Sunday. Make plans around Church. Yes, I really do believe that. The local church is the hope of the world! Isn’t that something we should make sure is a part of our lives? Yes it is.

So, thank you for being there. Thank you for serving. Thank you for making Thrive the most welcoming and accepting environment anyone ever steps into.

2. Bring someone with you. Yes, another no brainer. We’re not doing this to create a country club.


We’re doing this is to introduce people to the life changing HOPE that Jesus offers. That should push all of us to be inviting someone every week! Make a list of people. Pray over them. And then invite them.

3. BE on YOUR KNEES. YES, YES and some more YES. We need to be wearing out the knees in our pants! Lets seek God together. Let’s beg him to use us to reach people far from Him. Let’s ask Him to bless the work of Thrive Church. Let’s beg Him to bless every church and so every church is flooded with people searching for God.

Thrive Church…Let’s do this! I really believe the best is yet to come!!

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