The Thrive Church Launch…What a day!

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a long time. IMG_2718

I’ve thought about what I would say.

I’ve thought about how I would expain it.

I’ve been thinking of words I would use to describe the day and my feelings for the day.

And, now I have the honor of writing this post.

Last Sunday, Thrive Community Church hosted its Grand Opening!

It was a GREAT day! If you want to check it out, here is a photo album of the launch day! 

I was honored and humbled to be a part!

I just kept pinching myself and spent most of the day thanking God for giving me this great privilege to be a part.

Here are a few of my highlights…

1. Making it a family effort. It won’t be like all the time, but for this season of the church…this is a family effort! Because we’re a one car family, the entire Raitz family gets up at 530am on Sundays, loads in the van and heads to set up Thrive Church at 630am. Yes, it’s a miracle that we all get out of the house!

2. Partnering with my dad. I can’t even begin to explain how much fun I’m having partnering with my dad! He’s Thrive’s Ops Director and it’s a ball talking and planning with him!

3. Seeing the dream come off the pages. For months and months, I could see the launch in my head and I did my best to put it on paper, but it is awesome seeing the dream come alive!

4. Partnering with an amazing team. Holy cow! I’m just blown away by the heart and passion of our team! It’s such an honor to be around such a great group of people!

5. Seeing so many new faces. I was just blown away to see so many new faces and meet so many new people to Thrive Church. THAT WAS AWESOME!

6. Kicking off our ‘Marriage Unscripted’ series. I love that we’re starting with a series on marriage and dating! Praying that this series will help strengthen relationships at Thrive!

7. Sharing Jesus. Yes, my favorite part. What an honor! I’m so blessed that I get to share Jesus each week at Thrive.

Can’t wait for this Sunday at Thrive! 

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