A letter to Thrive Church…On the eve of our Launch

Dear Thrive Church,

I’m sure you’re aware of what tomorrow is…

We officially launch as a church. 

I know October 6th, 2013 will be a day we remember for years to come!

The reality is…

We’ve been a church for a long time.

We’ve been caring and praying and loving each other.

We’ve been accepting and welcoming each other.

We’ve been calling out to God and looking to Him.

We’ve been growing more and more passionately in love with Jesus.

Tomorrow is a big day because we officially take off the ‘someday’ sign.

We take a big step forward to decrease the number of people who will spend an eternity a part from God.

We band together to live out the Acts 2 Church…Now.

Together we can make a HUGE impact in Central Michigan.

Together we can bring HOPE, LIFE and PEACE.

Together we can introduce people to Jesus.

Together we can start a movement that will spread.

Together we can do something that no one could do on their own.

I’m honored to be a part. I’m humbled.

Know you’re loved. Know I’m blessed to be a part of this rag tag group of people who believe that the local church is the hope of the world!

Let’s help people find and follow God.

And…let’s get out of the way. This is Christ’s Church!


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