3 Things I’ve learned so far about planting a Church

I’ve been reading, studying and thinking about planting a church for 15 years.

Honestly, that really didn’t prepare me for the last 10 months!

Now, it did help me with the philosophy behind planting a church, but goodness, reading about it and leading it are two very different things. I know that’s a ‘no duh’ statement, but wow!

Thrive officially launches this Sunday and there are a few major learnings I wanted to share.

Things I’ve Learned

1. It’s hard work. Again, I know someone…somewhere, will read these and say…‘thanks sherlock’! But, as simple as it sounds, you learn this at a much deep level when you’re in the trenches.

Now, I’ve prided myself on my work ethic for years. My dad taught me to work hard. I work hard. I give all I have. As I look back over 18 years of serving and working in local churches, I am proud of the work I’ve done and put in.

Wow, this season of work just doesn’t compare with what I’ve experienced in the past. It’s at a different level. It’s constant. It’s intense. It’s incredibly full. There’s so much on the line as well and that puts a whole different level of stress and anxiety on your shoulders.

2. I have to let go. It’s really easy to try to control everything, do everything and lead everything…but I can’t. I have to let go.

I have to remind myself daily that Thrive Church is God’s Church and He will grow it. He will build it. I have to make sure that I’m taking a step back and just sitting at His feet and giving this all to Him.

3. You can’t throw in the towel. There have been a few moments on this journey that I have thought about throwing in the towel. Now, they were very few and very small moments. But, it’s stressful.

Pretty often, you talk with people don’t understand why a new church is needed. Existing church leaders are either warm and supportive or cold and NOT SUPPORTIVE!

It’s tough. Those conversations weigh on you.

But, you have to keep going! There are too many people who don’t know Jesus for church planters to stop!

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