What does it mean to launch a church?

This Sunday, Thrive Community Church officially launches!

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We’ve been planning, preparing and praying for this day for a long time.

It’s kind of surreal to think that the day is almost here.

But, it is and I can’t wait.

Now, we’re officially launching…

but we’re already a church.

Way too often people think of a building when they hear the word ‘church’. They say things like…”we’re going to church”.

And, that’s ok. But, we have to continually remind ourselves that the church isn’t just a building. In scripture, a church is defined as a group of ‘called out ones’ or the ‘the way’ or the ‘movement’. 

So, yes, Thrive Church has been around for months and months, but this Sunday we are taking a step forward as a church and officially launching.

Just this week, someone asked me what it means to launch a church. I thought that was a great question!

The word launch means:

…to throw forward

…to put into operation or set in motion

…to release, catapult or to send off

To launch a church is to basically release it, send it off the pages of a dream and to put it in motion.

Now, there are a few ways that people go about launching a church, but I’m going to put them in 3 categories:

1. The Missional Community approach. Here’s how I would define this approach. A heavy emphasis on building smaller communities for people to connect with, engage with and discover and grow in their walk with Jesus. I love this approach. Creating communities for people to live out the New Testament’s ‘one anothers’ with each other is incredibly important.

Many churches start out this way. They don’t start out by gathering all together as a large group, but instead, smaller groups.

Maybe an easy way to say this would be: go to where people are.

2. The Attractional Environment approach. My definition would of this approach would be: A heavy emphasis on creating an environment and movement that draws people (especially those who are unchurched, dechurched or far from God) to the churches gathering point. Many churches spend great energy and creativity in planning a service or experience that will speak to both those are believers and those who are non-believers.

Maybe an easy way to say this would be: bring people to you.

3. The Missional Serving approach. This approach is all about serving. About giving. About being in the community at every possible place or event and to serve. Whether it’s serving food, cleaning, fixing, repairing…this approach is about being amongst people in the community and ‘being Jesus’ to them.

Maybe an easy way to say this would be: be where people are.

Thrive’s launch is a little of all of them. 

So, we’re throwing this church forward, we’re putting it into operation and motion and we’re releasing it.

It’s Gods Church. He will build it.

This Sunday is the official Launch of Thrive Church. The training wheels come off. The dreams on pages begin to become a reality.

It’s a HUGE day. One that I’ve been dreaming of for months.

My prayer is that God will use Thrive Church every day to help people find and follow Jesus.

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