Thrive Church Highlights from week 4

I can’t even believe that Thrive Church almost a month old!IMG_3129

I am…






That being said, yesterday at Thrive Church was AWESOME!

If you want to see what it looked like, checked them out here

My only complaint about Sundays at Thrive just goes by too fast!

Seriously, I get at the theater to set up at 7am. It’s a whirlwind setting up and then people get there and I love, LOVE, talking to as many as I can and then I blink and we’re tearing down.

And then…I can’t wait till Tuesday night. Why? Because it’s our Growth Group!

But, before I talk and talk and talk. I thought I would share my highlights from week # 4 at Thrive.

The Highlights

1. My husband came to church! A woman came up to me on Sunday and was so excited that her husband came to Thrive. So was so excited that she was crying! And, she told me her husband said he would come back!

2. The close to our ‘Marriage Unscripted’ series. It’s been a great series and it was awesome to dig deep into the Bible to see what God has for our marriages and relationships.

3. ‘Thank you so much for inviting me to Thrive Church’. One of our Thrive launch team members came up to me and told me that the friend they brought thanked them for inviting them to Thrive. So many people are just looking for an invite.

4. ‘Thanks for asking me to volunteer’. Earlier in the week I asked a Thriver to volunteer and she messaged me back and thanked me for asking her asking her. That was awesome!

5. Meeting so many new people! Goodness, it’s just been awesome to meet so many new people! I just never imagined that I would have a hard time keeping up with all the new faces. Just awesome!

6. Thank you for praying for us! One of my favorite parts of Sunday’s is to pray for people! I just love it! It’s such an honor and I am so humbled when people ask me to pray.

7. Watching movie goers enter the theater. It’s just awesome to watch them enter and try to figure out what’s going on. We have our tables set up in the lobby and our banners set up and it’s just cool to see people try to figure out who we are.

8. ‘The music is to loud for me, but I know it’s reaching younger people and I love that’! An older Thriver told me this on Sunday and I just love their heart! Why? Because they get it! So awesome!

9. I love that we have all generations involved in serving! I love seeing and watching jr high students and sr high students and college students and young 20’s and 30’s and 40’s and 50’s and 60’s all standing side by side and serving together.

10. Having Tom Elmore and Attaboy at Thrive! What a stinking great privilege to have Tom Elmore, the pastor of Thrive TX at Thrive MI this weekend! He did a fantastic job and it was so great to have our church meet him. And, of course it was amazing as always to have Attaboy lead us in music!

Can’t wait till next week!

See you there!


It’s SUNDAY!!!!!

I love Sunday’s. 

I absolutely love everything about them.

I love that they’re a day of rest.

I love that its a day where many families gather together.

I love that its a day when friends get together to watch football.

I love that its a day when people can just rest.

What I really love…

I love that people can gather together as churches on Sundays!

I love that people can find hope.

I love that people can be encouraged.

I love that people can be convicted.

I love that people can find community.

I love that people can be inspired.

I love that people pray for each other.

I love that people who are hurting can be lifted up.

I love that people who are hungry can be fed.

I love that people who are growing in their walk with Jesus can be fed.


So, before you sit on the couch and watch football.

Before you go of that long bike ride.

Before you go shopping with friends.

Go to church. Experience God’s plan A for reaching people.

Be a part of the hope for the world!

Saturday Night Prayers for Thrive

It’s late.

I was up early.

And, when I say early, I was up early.

Like 4am early.

I was out the door at 6am.

I had the honor of spending my day with a bunch of amazing youth workers and for some reason (ones I can’t figure out), I was given the task of encouraging them.

It was a great day

I then drove to the airport, picked up my friend and partner, Tom Elmore and now I’m home.

But, it’s Saturday night and my mind is swirling and thinking about tomorrow.


Because its Sunday! Because I have the honor of leading a tremendous and courageous group of church planters. And, we get to gather together as a community.

My Saturday Night Prayers for Thrive

So, I’m excited! I’m hopeful. I’m expectant. I desperately want God to move powerfully in our midst.

I am asking…begging…God to heal marriages, bless finances, draw hearts close to Him, give people a passion for His word, heal relationships between parents and kids and as I pray every Saturday night…

…move in someone’s heart to take their next steps with God.

“I changed my weekend plans to come to Thrive on Sunday”

I still can’t believe I heard those words yesterday! 

These are crazy humblings words!Eblast Header-Converse

Let me be honest, those words made my day.

It was sent by someone who is very new to church and very new to Thrive Church.

They haven’t been to a church in years and years and someone invited them to Thrive and they came!

Total answer to prayer!

And, they really liked it! And, they stuck around afterwards for our tailgate party last week! And, they talked with me for quite awhile last Sunday! And, they told me they’re coming back. And, they told me that they changed their weekend plans in order to be at Thrive! And, they returned my email during the week!

Again, answers to prayer!

Major answers to PRAYER!

I’m praying that they surrender their life to Christ. I’m praying they find the hope and peace that Jesus offers. I’m praying that find incredible community. I’m praying they find a home.

I can’t wait till tomorrow.

Hey Thrive Church…3 things you have to know for Sunday

First of all…Eblast Header-Light Bulb

Thrive Church You’re Amazing! 

No, really! Each one of you are absolutely AMAZING!!

The way you give, serve, help, sacrifice, invite, and pray are just awesome! 

I’m proud of you and honored to be a part of Thrive Church with you all!

Second of all…

Sunday is just a few days away!

That being said…

Here are 3 Things You Have to Know for Sunday

1. It matters that you’re at Thrive. Life is busy, right? And, sometimes we get into the pattern of only being a part of Church 3x a month and then 2x and then 1x.  I get that.

But…we can’t let that pattern slip into our culture at Thrive! I’m asking you to make it a HUGE priority to be at Thrive on Sundays and to be at your Growth Group during the week.

Why? Because to Local Church is the HOPE of the World!

That’s why we don’t do a lot of extra stuff at Thrive! So you can focus on those two things.

So, be here Sunday. Get to Thrive early! Yes, early! If you want to get crazy, show up with the Road Crew at 7am and help us set up Thrive Church!

2. Get in a Growth Group. Again, I know you’re busy. And, I’m not trying to take away from that. But, we’re all busy. And, sometimes, the God stuff falls down the priority list. Attending church, being in a growth group, giving financially, praying, reading God’s word.

Don’t let it!

So, get in a growth group. The fall season just started! Email to get more information.

Why? GREAT question!! Because that’s how God showed us to do life!! With people!! In a Community! In a circle.

Just take a peak at the New Testament Church in Acts 2 and you’ll see a lot of it!

3. You have a MAJOR JOB to do on Sundays. We all do. And, it’s just not showing up. WE all have to Create a Culture of Welcoming and accepting. IMG_2718

My dream for Thrive is that it will literally be the most welcoming and accepting place that anyone ever walks into during their week!

That takes everybody…

  • Smiling
  • Saying Good Morning
  • Introducing ourselves to each other
  • Shaking hands
  • Sitting by people we don’t know
  • Serving others while we’re at Thrive and outside of Thrive
  • Saying…’thanks for coming’, ‘do you have any questions’, ‘will I see you next week’

Ok, that’s our job on Sundays. I know you’re up to it! Let’s do it.

Don’t forget, we’re doing all this so people can Find and Follow God!!!!!

Know you’re loved and I pray for you everyday!


What to expect if you come to Thrive…

Every week I get emails from people asking about Thrive ChurchEblast Header-Converse
They ask:
  • What’s it like?
  • Are you a part of a denomination?
  • What if I’ve never been to church before, can I still come?
  • What kind of music?
  • Is there stuff for my kids?

So, I thought I would answer a bunch of those questions in ONE post. Here we go…

The Short Story

We are Thrive Church. We meet in a movie theater. We’re super casual. We’re crazy fun. We’re all about Jesus. We meet at 10am at Celebration Cinema!
Our Mission

To Help people find and follow Jesus.thrive-Computer-Wallpaper (1920x1080)

We’re Simple. Fun. Real.

Some F.A.Q’s…

1. What makes us different? 

Answer» We aren’t trying to be different – we’re just being ourselves. We strive for laughter, creativity, honest relationships and practical messages of hope. We believe that living outside the box is more fun than living in it.

2. How long is the experience? 

Answer» Our experience is 55-60 minutes long. We keep it short so you want to keep coming back. We want you to leave wanting more – not wishing it was less.

3. Why do you meet in a movie theater?

Answer»Because the movie theater wanted us and its a great location for a church. Some Sundays it smells of popcorn and we have GREAT seats…with cup holders. There’s super fun activities and programs for the kids as well.

4. What if I come from a different church background?

Answer» That’s great! We are glad you’re here. We welcome anyone from any religious background. Come as you are!

5. What happens when I drop my kids off at ThriveKIDZ?Thrive Kidz Slide

Answer» THRIVEkidz is an exciting place where your kids can discover how to find and follow God in a fun, exciting environment.

6. What denomination is THRIVE?

Answer» THRIVE is a non-denominational church. What does that mean? It just means that we do not align ourselves with any one denomination. We base our beliefs and theology simply and entirely on the Bible.

7. OK, so I’m thinking about visiting THRIVE. What should I expect?

Answer» We believe church should be something that you look forward to every Sunday. So here’s what you’ll experience at THRIVE:

Great live music (yes, sometimes it’s a bit loud)
Friendly people
Fun & Laughter
Exciting kids programs
Messages that make a difference in our lives
Casual atmosphere (If you want to wear a suit, great, but the Pastor will be in jeans.)

Ok, hopefully that will give you an idea of what to expect.

See you this Sunday at Thrive Church! 

Thrive Church is Crazy about Growth Groups

Growth Groups are the single most important part of Thrive ChurchEblast Header-Sun Burst

Let me back up.

There are a ton of crazy important parts.

  • Our Sunday Experience
  • Our Kids
  • Our Students
  • Giving back to our Community
  • Planting Churches
  • Praying for people

But, I believe Growth Groups are the foundation of our ministry. 

I believe Growth Groups are the hub of our ministry.

I believe Growth Groups is where people will experience the ‘one another’s of the New Testament (in the words of Larry Osborne).

That’s why I am so excited that they are starting this week!

Very soon our house will be filled with Adults and Kids. Singles, Couples and parts of the Couple equation.