Not even sure how to process the Thrive Journey

Starting a church from nothing is pretty exhilarating at times and it can be extremely tough.IMG_2301

Honestly, it’s overwhelming at times…both overwhelming in good ways and bad ways.

The Good

Already in our short history, God has created so many…

‘can you even believe it’ moments!

I’ve been trying my best too not miss those moments and I’ve been trying  to document them on this blog! I’ve been trying to be intentional to write them down, to share them, to post them, to remember them and to continually Thank God for them.

Moments like…

  • People believing in the vision you have for the church and being a part!
  • Hearing stories of Thrivers inviting their friends!
  • God providing a trailer for Thrive Church! I still can’t even believe it!
  • God providing 5 amazing Churches to be our network and help launch Thrive Church.
  • God providing an amazing vision and dream for Thrive Church!
  • God providing a brand new computer for Thrive Church.
  • God moving in pastors from around the country and lending their help and support.
  • People trusting in Jesus as their Savior.
  • Baptisms!

The bad

Yes, it isn’t all shiny and rosey. Honestly, I wish it was. But, there have already been some incredibly tough times.

Moments like…

  • People deciding to leave Thrive Church (I do get that Thrive isn’t for everyone…but I wish it was)
  • Friends that were a part of the beginning conversations that have decided to move on
  • Dealing with some of the negativity towards a new church
  • Figuring out details! Yikes, this one is time consuming!
  • Working with limited resources

The bad moments are so tiny compared to the




Already, we have experienced so many moments when the only right thing to say is…


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