8 ‘Roles of a Church Planter’

I have been trying to do my best to journal and chronicle my journey as a church planter. Some days I do a good job, but mostly, I don’t. I feel at times there are so many lists and so many things that keep piling up.

Now, I’m blessed. Because I am planting Thrive through Stadia, one of the amazing benefits is a Stadia Project Manager. It’s basically like having an Executive Pastor…it’s awesome. And, my project manager is Doug Foltz, he’s a certified church planting genius! Even with that privilege, it still is tough at times.

There is nothing easy about planting a church and I’ve been trying to keep track of all the roles I’ve been faced with so far. There are incredible highs and incredible lows and in the midst of all of it, I know I’m right where God wants me!

Right now, I have 8 roles and 8 more in my draft folder. My goal is to get to 20 and then to start writing a series of posts on what I’ve learned so far about church planting.

In case you’ve missed my posts, here they are…

Role # 1…Tell Everyone

Role # 2…Be with People

Role # 3…Send people back to their churches

Role # 4…Focus on Culture, Culture, Culture

Role # 5…Develop Thick Skin

Role # 6…Stop Comparing

Role # 7…Protect your heart

Role # 8…Stay Positive

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