Can’t wait for Sunday!

I honestly can’t wait till Sunday!IMG_2223

3 days to go. 

Sunday is our next Preview service and I’m beyond excited.

We’re finishing our ‘No Perfect People Allowed’ series and I’m teaching from Luke 15! I can’t wait!!!

But, let me be honest, I am also…


A tad bit overwhelmed

A little nervous

A bit anxious

But, I’m also…





Why I can’t wait for Sunday…

Because it’s one of our heartbeats as a Church.  Maybe it’s a bad analogy to say we have three heartbeats, but I’ll figure out something better in the days to come.


1. We gather on Sundays to create an environment where people far from God will be introduced to Him, have a chance to respond to Him and grow deeper in their relationship with Him.

2. We gather during the week in homes or restaurants to be known and to dive into a message based curriculum to study the Bible. This is where we really get a chance to experience the New Testaments ‘One Another’s’.

3. We gather together at different times during the year to bless our community. Our hope is that we will be able to help make a dent in the practical needs that our schools have.

I can’t wait for Sunday

Even though I have some fears, I have greater anticipation and belief that God is going to use Thrive in a GREAT way to make a GIANT impact for His kingdom!

I know that each time to meet. Each time we come together. Each time we pray together. Each time we open the Bible together. Each time we worship together. Is huge for building momentum as a Church and that’s why I can’t wait till Sunday!

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