A conversation with my Bobby

Today I picked up Bobby from school for being sick.2013-06-26 18.13.34

It was a bummer.

But, our conversation was not.

I am continually amazed how insightful and wonderful this boy is!

3 Parts to our conversation…

Part One. Bobby says…”Dad, a Police Officer came and talked to us about bulling at school”. No offense to him, but he didn’t know how to talk to kids like you! You’re awesome.

Ok, that was just nice that your 11 year old son thinks that highly!

Part Two. Bobby says…”Dad a girl asked me to be her boyfriend. I said no”. I asked why, and Bobby said…”what’s the point? I have to work hard on my homework and being a good friend. I don’t have time for that”.

LOVE THAT. What is the point?!?

Part Three. Then, we’re at the grocery store and I got him a few treats for the couch as he rested and he thanked me. The cashier looked at him and said…“what did you say”?.

Bobby very politely said, I thanked my dad. The cashier then almost goes off on a positive rant. She says…”you know how many times I hear a son tell his mom and dad thanks in this line? NEVER! That was the coolest thing I’ve heard in a long time!”

Yup, that’s my Bobby!

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