My personal highlights from week #1 at Thrive

So, I thought I would add to my previous post just a little. Once I got home last night after a fabulous Birthday lunch and hang out at my parents, my heart was just beyond FULL and I thought of so many more highlights! 2013-07-21 09.25.17-1

Personal Highlights…

1. See you next week. Yesterday was the first time ever that I got to say…‘See you next week’! It was awesome!!! I have waited FOREVER to say that and I can’t wait to say it next week!

2. Being around Jim. I am just blown away by Jim. He’s the lead of all of our production stuff. He’s building our sound system, our lights and he’s figuring all that stuff out. Not only is he a genius in that arena, his heart for the local church is ASTOUNDING. He’s so well read and passionate about the Church. It’s an honor to have him a part of the team and to just dream about Church!

3. Meeting a brand new family who found us on google. No seriously, a brand new family was at Thrive because they googled…

‘Lord, help us find a church in Mt Pleasant’

It was awesome to meet them and I’m praying they come back.

4. Hearing…’Can’t wait till next week’. Oh man, those are sweet, sweet words!

5. Getting emails/texts/messages from Thrivers about the sermon. It honestly never gets old to hear positive stuff and yesterday was a day when I needed to hear it. And, I was overwhelmed and flooded with encouragement about my message. Thank you God.

6. Seeing my wife’s energy/passion/excitement for Thrive Church. This has been one of the most awesome parts of this process! I’m going to write more about this later, but Gosh, it’s like our early days of ministry all over again! It’s just too much fun partnering with her!!!!

7. Praying for people in the lobby of a movie theater. Yeah, so cool. Here I am, praying for people in the lobby of a movie theater. How awesome is that?

8. Having friends be a part of Thrive. It’s just so stinking honoring and humbling that a few of my close friends have hopped on board and are a part of Thrive. Wow.

Time to get ready for next week! 

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