Thrive’s 1st Preview…Words Can’t Express how I Feel

It’s true, words can’t express how I feel about today at Thrive! IMG_2185

What an incredible day!

I sat in the front row while the band played and I couldn’t contain my smile!

Actually, I honestly couldn’t stop pinching myself.

We keep taking steps to position ourselves to make the biggest impact we can possibly can and each step is so important!

And, that’s exciting!

It’s not an overnight process. Wow! I’m learning new levels of patience and dependency on God.

So, we have one more preview and then we officially launch on October 6th!

Here are some personal highlights:

1. Meeting new people! I met a couple today who seriously googled…’Lord, help me find a church in mt pleasant’. And, my blog came up and they found out about Thrive. That’s just cool!

2. The band. My goodness…my friends The Living Stones killed it today! We don’t have a regular worship leader yet, so we’re bringing in a few great bands to help out and they were awesome today!

They opened our time together with ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay and then later lead us with ‘We Shine’, ‘From the inside out’ and ‘How he loves’.


3. Watching our team in action! It was a giant blessing to watch our team do their thing! Their hearts are amazing and I’m so blessed by them!

4. Thrive Kidz! So…so…so cool to see our kidz team come together and love kids! I absolutely love their creativity and their hearts!

5. 1 Peter 2:9. I love this passage of scripture and I LOVED teaching from it this morning. We’re in a 2 week series called ‘No Perfect People  Allowed’ and we kicked it off by taking a look at this verse.

Ok, I can’t wait till next Sunday!

I absolutely can’t wait till October 6! Here we go!

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