The night before…going weekly


It’s Saturday night.

Tomorrow morning is Thrive’s first weekly service.

I’m tired.

But, I’m not.

It’s been an extremely full couple of weeks. Shoot, it’s been an extremely full year!

It’s been a wild–exciting–faith filled–sometimes overwhelming–heartbreaking–exhilarating–dependancy on God…journey so far.

I’ve really experienced a full range of emotions. Many ups…many downs.

Right now…the night before…I’m excited. Even if no one shows up. I’m proud of our team. Proud of the steps we’ve taken.

I’m excited that we’re launching another church in our area.

My prayer for tomorrow is that…

God would be honored.

People would be introduced to Jesus.

The hurting would find hope.

The lonely would experience community.

The growing would be challenged.


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