Tomorrow starts something that was first laid on my heart almost 15 years ago…Not_Your_Mommas_Church2

The start of Thrive Church.

Ok, let me back up. Thrive Church is NOT starting tomorrow! We’ve have been a church for almost 10 months. That’s when a handful of us started meeting weekly in a few houses.

Those were awesome times! Great excitement, GREAT community, Great times of prayer and GREAT times of dreaming.

Thrive takes the next step in our Journey tomorrow by beginning to meet weekly. We have met once a month for our worship service for 8 months. We have met in a bar and at a movie theater. Now, we keep meeting weekly at a movie theater and turn it into a Church for a few hours on Sunday morning.

There are so many emotions running through my heart. I’m EXCITED. I’m HONORED. I’m HUMBLED. I’m NERVOUS. I’m EXPECTANT.

I can’t wait! 

As I was thinking about tomorrow, I hope every Thriver knows these 4 things…

1. Come ready to create the most welcoming and accepting environment known to man.

This is just something that we ALL have to be passionate about every week! We’re all on the hook for this. We have to greet people with smiles, actually be interested, ask and remember names and be excited to meet new people.

2. Know it’s never too late to invite someone. 

NEVER! I’ve been sending facebook messages and emails all morning. Make some calls. Send a message. A Text. Knock on a door.

Remember that we’re inviting them to hear about the Gospel! That alone should get off our butts!

3. Seek Jesus. 

Yes, this should be the first one in the list. But, we have to keep seeking Jesus. Talk to Him. Spend time in His word.

And, here’s the bonus one…

4. Know you’re loved! 

Yes you are! God loves you, I love you and our community loves you.

When you miss, I notice. I pray for you. Other Thrivers notice and pray for you!

Can’t wait till tomorrow.

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