Thrive Church…it’s go time!

Wow! It’s Friday night and Thrive goes weekly this Sunday.1208587_497099837052002_30635781_n

We officially launch on October 6th.

Honestly, there are a million items on my to do list.

They are never ending. 

This week has flown by.

I met with 15 people this week.

I invited at least 30 people I don’t know to Thrive Church this Sunday.

I’ve had many crazy encouraging moments.

I’ve had many crazy low moments.

I’ve been reminded that Thrive is Christ’s Church and He will build it.

I’ve reminded others that God is going to use this rag tag group of people to bring life change to Central MI!

I sat in a Police Captains office today and he shared with me many amazing ideas how Thrive can bring practical help to Mt Pleasant.

I’ve prayed like I’ve never prayed before.

I’ve sought God. 

I find myself talking to Him more than I ever have.

And…I’m trying to remind myself that yes, it’s busy. And it’s important to work hard and make sure we launch well.

But, I have to talk care of myself and my family. 

I haven’t gone on a walk in 2 weeks. That’s partly because my back is the worst it’s been in months. Partly because my kids stated back at school. But, walks are life giving to me and I will start back up on Monday.

This week a church in Lapeer gave Thrive a trailer! Wow.

This week I’ve been reminded that God has ordained for Thrive to be launched in Mt Pleasant and He always knew that the day would come where He tapped our hearts to get going!

This week I’m overwhelmed with how good God is.

I’m so excited for Sunday!


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