A letter to Thrive Church

Dear Thrive Church,

I just wanted to write to share a few things that are on my heart about our new church.

As you know, next Sunday (September 22nd) we start meeting weekly. Doesn’t it feel like this day would never come? And, on the flip side, doesn’t it feel like this day popped up out of nowhere? Crazy how both feelings are so real!

But, here we are and it’s a crazy exciting time in the life of our new church.

My heart is extremely full! As we gathered together last week in my house, I just couldn’t stop smiling.

A thoughts that have been on my heart…

…Get ready for Satan to attack. The last thing he wants is another Jesus-focused, outward focused church in Mt Pleasant. There are already some great churches in Mt Pleasant and he doesn’t want another one. He’s going to do everything he can to disrupt our unity, to make us feel overwhelmed, afraid, fearful and to fill our minds with doubts. But, we can’t let him. We’ve been given the victory and we need to believe the truth of God’s word.

…Get ready to be stretched. For some of us, this has already been an extremely stretching experience. Well, get ready for some more stretching. And, that’s a good thing! Our faith has to be fully on God and He will lead us and carry us through!

…Get ready to see lives changed. I believe this with every ounce of my being. Why else would we start this church? Keep praying that God would use Thrive Church to help people find and follow God. Be praying for your neighbors, your co-workers and family members who are far from God. Ask God for courage to invite them and to share your God story with them.

…Get ready to grow. My hope and desire is that Thrive will be a place for you that will help deepen and strengthen your relationship with Jesus. Be a self feeder. Read scripture, even daily if you can. Study it. Ask questions. Spend time with Jesus every day. Confess your sins. Ask for help. Rely on Him.

…Get ready to be used by God. You’re absolutely amazing and there’s a reason God created you. He gave you amazing gifts and talents and I believe the best place to use them is for the local church. So, get ready. Ask yourself where you can use your gifts? How can you pour into the church? What ways can you use your gifts to make an impact?

I think those two words sum up what I’m feeling…’get ready’.

Yes, ‘get ready’.

God is up to something huge and I’m so honored to be a part and I’m honored and humbled you’re a part!


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