Thrive Church 101…What NOT to expect at Thrive

Thrive Church has been a dream in my heart for almost 15 years.

In a few weeks, those dreams become a reality. 

We’re already a church. We gather together to laugh, eat, pray, connect and learn from the Bible.

But, in just a few short weeks, we will host weekly services and this is a big step for us. We’ve met once a month since January! So, we’ve decided that the time is now is to start gathering on Sundays every week and we will also start meeting together in growth groups! Whew! I’m excited!

Someone asked me recently what they should expect at Thrive. So, I thought I would start with…

What Not to Expect at ThriveNot_Your_Mommas_Church2

1. A pastor who has it all together. Goodness, I am pretty far from that. I am not the shiny, ambercrombie looking pastor guy in skinny jeans and a deep v neck t shirt. NO OFFENSE if that describes you! I’m super excited for you. That’s just not me. I struggle with food. Actually, I have a pretty deep addiction to it and I am working constantly to break free from it. I’m also not the pastor with an MDIV. I don’t have the seminary education. I have a great Bible College degree, but not the big dog MDIV. I am an MBA drop out though.

2. A whole lot of polish. Now, we’re going to do everything we can to honor God with our creativity and worship. And, we’re going to strive to do the best we can. But, it may not be perfect. And, that’s ok. We’re simple. It’s going to be fun and we’re going to do our best to be real.

3. A whole lot of perfect people. Don’t get me wrong, as a Christ follower, we’ve been made perfect. But, in my opinion, so many of us are trying to be someone that we’re not. And, that’s typically on display on Sunday mornings. It’s like we forgo the other 6 days and make sure we wear the right outfit, say the right words and everything will be alright. Thrive’s not about that. There’s no reason to come on Sundays to put on a show. Just be you.

4. To never talk about Jesus. Actually, every message I teach will ooze with Jesus. We will point people to Jesus. Introduce them to Jesus. Teach them about Jesus. Share Jesus.

5. Not to care about marriages and families. We are going to pour ridiculous resouces and energy into our marriages and our kids at Thrive Church.

6. Anything too traditional. I grew up in a traditional church, I have many friends who are at very traditional churches and I have a huge respect for them and their churches. But, God’s called me to start a modern church. A casual church. That doesn’t mean that we will be casual with our faith, heck no! But, you probably won’t find a choir or me in a suit. Maybe a suit & tie if our band covers JT! Hah.

Ok, those are some ‘what not to expect’. Next up, what to expect.

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