Final Thrive Preview…Super Fun, Powerful, Meaningful, Healing

Yesterday was our 2nd preview service for Thrive. I have to say... I Love My Church! I'm unashamedly in love with my church. In almost 20 years of serving at local churches in MI and IL, I can whole-heartedly say that I love this church! I love Thrive Church. I love that its my families... Continue Reading →


Not even sure how to process the Thrive Journey

Starting a church from nothing is pretty exhilarating at times and it can be extremely tough. Honestly, it's overwhelming at times...both overwhelming in good ways and bad ways. The Good Already in our short history, God has created so many... 'can you even believe it' moments! I've been trying my best too not miss those moments and... Continue Reading →

Thrive Exists to help people find Jesus and they did on Sunday!!!

People ask me all the time... 'What's Thrive about'? 'Why Thrive'? 'Why does Thrive exist'? 'Why another church'? Well, here's why... Thrive's mission is to... Help people Find and Follow Jesus. That's our laser focus. We are unashamedly passionate about helping people find Jesus and then giving them the tools to follow him. Every Sunday... Continue Reading →

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