Thrive Church meets in a movie theater. 4 Reasons why that’s AWESOME!

When we first started meeting monthly for Thrive, we met in a bar! 2013-02-24 17.13.04

It was awesome! But, we outgrew it quick.

As we were searching for another location, we talked with a few schools in a few towns. Wow, they wanted a lot money! Then, as we were praying and thinking about our target, we realized that we wanted a chance to reach the most amount of people far from Jesus as we possibly could and that lead us to Mt Pleasant. It lead us there because its the hub of Central MI!

Church in a Movie Theater

Then, as I was praying about where to meet, I really believe God put Celebration Cinema on my heart.

At first, we were like…hmmmm. Can we do that? Then, as we researched and learned from other churches and we experienced the amazing hospitality of our local theater, we knew we had found a home!

In the end, it worked out for us to meet there and we hosted 6 monthly services at the movie theater. It’s been great, but starting on September 22nd, we start to meet weekly!

4 Reasons Why That’s Awesome!

1. Everybody knows where we meet? No really, EVERYBODY! We only have one movie theater in Mt Pleasant and just 2013-08-16 18.13.07about everybody knows where it is. When I tell people that we meet in Celebration Cinema, I always get the same response…

That’s Cool! 

2. The environment is super fun! I love our local theater. It’s just super fun, nice, clean, bright and really warm inside. Once we put up banners and brand it a little, it will move from good to great!

It’s Cool! 

3. We have the most comfy seats in town! Ok, this is just fun. But, we do have great seats. I just have to be careful not to bore people, because with the big, comfy seats, people could fall asleep quick!

So Cool! 

4. What better place to prepare people to reach people?!? Ok, that’s more of a question, but seriously! It’s just a great place to teach people God’s word and to train them how to be the light! Every Sunday we have reminders all around (all the seats) of people who sit there every night.

Too Cool! 

Bonus reasons…

5. It smells of butter and popcorn. How could you not love that?

6. The movie screen is awesome to show videos and pictures on!

7. Kids love going to church at the movies and so do adults! 

8. The band sounds great because the room is built for GREAT acoustics! 

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