A Humbling week for Thrive Church

The local Church is the Hope of the World ~Bill Hybels

Starting a Church is a an unbelievable journey. Ups, downs and everything in between.

Huge highs and amazing lows.

People that you never thought would be a part become instrumental and people you thought for sure would play a huge role, back away.


There is money to be raised. There are people to tell.

Incredible amounts of time are spent in prayer and meeting with people.

That’s why we do all we do. That’s why we’re taking a HUGE faith leap.

To reach more people for Jesus.

Thrive Church exists to Help people Find and Follow God

That’s it…bottom line. To see people who were once far from Jesus cross the line of the faith and then to see them become fully devoted followers.

In the midst of a very full week, Thrive received some amazing news.

We’ve been on a journey to raise $25,000 this month and we’re praying and asking God for Him to provide a few HUGE items to help us start.

  • A trailer, a video projector for our kids, a Mac computer, sound equipment, banners, kids equipment, pipe and drape.

I’ve actually been asking church leaders to clean their closets and I’ve been asking friends to consider donating financially or with one of these items.

Every gift counts. Every gift matters. 

This week alone…God provided…

  • A Trailer,
  • A video projector for our kids ministry
  • Some sound equipment.
  • $4500


We’re still praying about…

  • Raising $15,500 in the month of August
  • Finding 5 monthly financial givers to Thrive ($25/50/100)
  • To have an iMac and or Macbook Pro donated
  • Used Portable Cases
  • Kids Equipment (We’re dreaming about $1500 worth of things at IKEA and another $500 at Target/Sam’s Club)
  • Kids Equipment (Slides, toys, play structure)
  • 50 ft of Black Pipe and Drape
  • Extension Chords, Power Strips
  • Find an affordable office space (When I say affordable, the real word I’m using there is free)
  • A color laser printer

Thanks for praying for us! Thanks for partnering with us on this journey! Thanks for considering help us launch this church.

Every gift matters. Every prayer matters.

If you would like to give financially to Thrive, you can give here. You can send a check to Thrive Church to PO Box 1408, Mt Pleasant, MI 48804. *All gifts are tax deductible.

If you would like to donate one of the above items, email me (jason.raitz@thrivechurchmi.cc) and let’s talk!!!!!

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